CMU-ETC-Building Virtual World


August-December 2012, Building Virtual World, Position:  Game Designer/Programmer.

BVW is a featured course which emphases teamwork and fast-prototyping, developing interactive experience and games on multiple platform such as Kinect, PSMove

BVW Round 1 Pig Tub, Kinect

Using the arm turning gesture to control the temperature of water, player should protect the little pig from too high or too low water temperature.

BVW Round 2 Up, PSMove

By attaching the PSMove in the umbrella and moving around it,  naive guest control the direction of  little girl, who are flying through the dark and silent city.

BVW Round 3 Olympics, Makey Makey

By extending the innovative tangible interface provided by Makey Makey, the conductive foil let players complete a circuit to trigger game elements.

BVW Round 4 Fragments, PSMove*3

A PS Move experience utilizing three wands to represent the journey into a robot’s memory in its discovery of art as it descends down into the incinerator.


Adventure Module

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Celestia, Vocal Interaction Game

Celestia, a vocal interaction music game, finalist of Indiecade 2014, showcase@PAX East 2014, showcase@ E3 2014, a poster at SIGGRAPH 2013, and one of ACM-CHI Game Competition Finalists(May 2013, Paris).

Celestia on Polygon!

Cheng’s Music



Pulse Matrix, Audio Visualization Tool

August 2011, Pulse Matrix, sound visualization application, Independent work, Position: Programmer/Designer for audio and visual .


Be A Perfect Green


April 2015, A simple game made with Processing in two weeks, a little game about balance the color, and the lost of yourself. Position: Design/Programming/Audio Design

Aquaria Simulation

behind scene1 copy

October 2013, Aquaria Simulation Studying, part of Sony Project, including fish flocking prey-predator algorithm, and fish natural movement algorithm

FL•U, iOS Bio-Surveillance App

FL•U cover

Summer 2013, FL•U, a gamified iOS multi-lingual influenza surveillance and disease prevention app. Position: Programmer (team of 3)

TuneTrain, Music Education iOS App


Spring 2013, TuneTrain(App Store), 200,000+ download, a music education iOS Application, encourage children to create music by drawing. Position: Programmer for Voice Detection, Midi-to-Notation Algorithm, Sequencer (team of 7)

Fitbit Data Visualization

sleep data

CMU-ETC-Building Virtual World


MaKey MaKey & Happy Birthday

MaKey MaKey little experiment

Herb Ensemble, Interactive Installation


Pulse Matrix as Multiple Pulse Sensor


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